How To Help
A wild animal

Wild animals that are not moving sometimes aren’t hurt. They might be resting or not feeling well.

If you think something is wrong, the first thing to do is not get too close. If wild animal is injured or sick, they can become dangerous, and even attack you.

The best way to determine whether the animal needs help is to observe it from a distance.

If you can see a visible injury or problem, take notes about what you see. Also make sure you can identify the last area where you saw it.

The next thing to do is reach out to a local wildlife rehabilitation center. You can find them online by googling your town and wildlife center.

The staff will tell you what next steps to take.

For specifics, you can also review the Humane Society of The United States’ information page for tips on what to do about injured or abandoned wildlife.

In the case of Thor, he was clearly abandoned as newborn fawns lie very still and don’t get up and wander around like he did.

He had also messed himself, another sign that his mom wasn’t around because does lick their fawns clean to leave them scentless so predators can’t find the helpless baby. So the first call that was made was to the wildlife center to get advice on what to do next.